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Article: Welcome to our studio

Welcome to our studio - KECHENFS

Welcome to our studio

       Our products are produced in a workshop, which is specialized in fashion clothing production, near Hangzhou. This workshop was founded by Mr. Wang in the early 1980s, who is a garment craftsman known for his garment expertise in Hangzhou. We are in daily contact with his daughter Anna to discuss production and consider the development of new styles.

   They are more than just a studio, they are true partners who have believed in  our project, our products and our vision for the KECHENFS brand since day one.

1.The choice of fabric

e first step in making a clothe is to carefully select the appropriate fabric, and then to handcraft different styles of clothing, taking the natural characteristics of the fabric into account.

2.Design and proofing of style

Jink, the fashion designer, begins to draw the design details of each step on the drawings, remove the superfluous and beautiful parts, sew the cut cloth together, and make the basic style outline. This is a long and meticulous process.

3.The addition of parts and decorations

We carefully select clothing parts and decoration added to the clothing, to make it more aesthetic.

4.Finishing clothing styles

Finishing is an important operation to complete the clothes style, and craftsmen use their professional eyes to find the most subtle irregularities and other small defects.

5.Packing and delivery

Finally, we pack and ship the clothes in thin cartons and use padding to protect the clothes from damage during transportation.

Work as a team

In general, the design of a garment requires many hours of work and the participation of more than a dozen craftsmen. This kind of detail, ingenuity and uniqueness are the production work of each style of KECHENFS.


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